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Five Star hit the ground running in 2002. We have had the great  pleasure of serving our community since that time. We offer custom tattoo work & body piercings, back slaps, high fives, and seasonal air conditioning. Dad jokes for small additional charge. 

The Five Star Mafia

A finely curated collection of wonder and weirdos, this crew consists of nearly 100 years of collective art experience. If you can draw it, weld it, sculpt it, write it, weave it, air brush it, or paint it, they have done it. Five naturally gifted artists bring their talent to Five Star day after day to create the one of a kind pieces that last a lifetime. 

We bring your imagination to life. 


The man, the myth, the legend

Spider is the owner of Five Star. He started his career in fine body art nearly 100 years ago and just keeps getting better. Renowned for his lovely scent and soft hands, this gentle arachnid is definitely a fan favorite. Spider loves his family, his country, and his Pop Figures. He has a soft spot for black & grey, photo realism, anything pop culture related (particularly Star Wars), collage, trash polka, and the challenge of cover ups.


Artist, piercer, storied inventor of the burp megaphone

In addition to churning out incredible ink, Levon is also a skilled construction craftsmen, and can tear shit up in the kitchen. His cult following for his hand crafted hot sauces and beef jerky are legion. Levon is our on-deck body piercer. He enjoys working in biomechanical, Japanese traditional, Pacific Islander/tribal, steam punk, black & grey, and anything pop culture/gaming related. 


Artist, Golden Pony

Amanda, known affectionately around the shop as our golden pony, brings countless skills to the table. Our girl can paint, hand letter, make magic from string, and is responsible for many of the great ideas we bring to the world from shop meetings. She particularly enjoys working in black and grey, fine/line illustrated, and smaller color pieces. She has tea bagged dozens of customers, much to their delight.
Contact Amanda with questions at [email protected]


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